December 29, 2012

Y U NO behave Y chromosome?

I might offend a lot of people here, but today I honestly don't give a damn. This is not just a Delhi issue. This is not just a man issue. This is not even just about this rape case.  No matter how educated or not, how rich or not, women have never been treated equal in an Indian household by men. Anything threatening the male ego takes them to this irrational awful place where consciences don't exist. Only blood, vengeance and the will to get even and 'show' them who's boss.

There is a raw sense of an almost different undiscovered animalistic warrior type blood group that runs through the veins. There is a thirst for violence and power, and I'm sure if someone analysed the DNA of Indian men, they would find stuff that nukes are made of. No.. honest.

Let's not get carried away by the Indian angle here though. The bigger issue is the species as a whole. It's the Y factor. I was never much for feminism, but there is this ridiculous thing I have come to notice about men, and I am very glad we lack. A disgusting mob mentality. A gang loyalty. Stuff mafias are made of and the underworld runs on.

Men have this sick code. Not the fun 'bro' kind. Not even the Dexter kind. It's the 'we can do whatever we want because there is so many of us and none of us are man enough to tell on the other' kind. If women were as repulsive, there would've been instances where a man has raped women in the presence of women. Men dare not. Men know women have a conscience. Men know they don't stand a chance. But men with men, spells trouble. They know such a gathering has no conscience. Even if they do, it is seemed to have been deftly discarded. Just like they did when five of them were pulling a girl's pigtails at the playground, when they dated women who were easy in high school and laughed together about it, when they all went for their bachelor parties to Bangkok and when they gang raped a woman behind a private bus in Delhi. It's all about who is more powerful. It's about who roars loudest. It's about who has the biggest mane. It's about who leads the pride.. or should I say the shame. 

Presence of women together never make it okay to do something a lot more. In fact, this is the first time I am glad that we are known for backstabbing our own kind. We bitch, we undermine, we compete and we're petty. We do not blindly condone all horrible female acts. We do not render support to murder just because they're one of us and we definitely do not tolerate inhumanity at the sake of 'fun'. I mean when did murder equate to sexual pleasure anyway... unless you're a praying mantis, in which case I hope your wife or girlfriend does bite your head off after they mate with you.

Of course when I say women do NOT and we NEVER and we WON'T, I mean, there is a lesser probability. By lesser I mean, about 59348841 times lesser. So men, it's still shamefully significant.

I think we all need to go back to basics. Face some harsh realities and re-evaluate what we're doing. According to me it all starts at the most primitive level. Men are physically stronger than women. This is not a claim or a guess, it is a scientifically proven fact. I could go on and on trying to explain why this is true and you'd argue no it isn't, but there's a reason we don't compete in the same category when it comes to sport. Enough said.

This, is the root cause of all. Men need to accept they're stronger. Women need to accept it even more.

When I say men need to 'accept', I mean they need to learn how to embrace this and channel it in constructive ways. They need to realize we are not competition and they do not need to incessantly keep proving they are more powerful than womankind. In the words of urban dictionary, they need to chill the eff down and not go so cray cray.

As women, we need to accept this too. We can go on claiming about how we're the stronger sex, but literally and figuratively, we're not. We're just not. This isn't a man-made thing to alter. Don't mess with creation. We need to fight for equality of a different kind, not this. We need to accept men are biologically stronger and let them know they are. We need to assure them they can use this in ways that benefit everyone. We need to make them feel secure, even though it is a bit of an idiotic thing to do. They need to 'feel' secure for us to 'be' secure.

Men just need to be taught. They need to realise what they hold. In the end, it isn't a person or a nation that's in power. It's men. Men have been in power since T-Rex breathed his last. They are meant to be protectors and us the protected, not them predators and us prey. I don't know why this is hard to digest when we willingly love that our fathers and brothers take on that guardian role and are strong for us. We need to accept this in general, and embrace it, without thinking that it makes us weaker. 

And men, let me speak in a language you will understand. With great power comes great responsibility. Don't make your power your personal Kryptonite. Absorb the right amount of radiations from our yellow star, or you could end up just looking like an over-muscled idiot who likes to wear red chuddis on the outside.

February 14, 2012

Still You

Those eyes, evoke in me,
The same emotion, still.

That smile, melts me,
To no end, still.

That touch, electrifies me,
All over, still.

That voice, assures me,
To go on, still.

That warmth, encompasses me,
From all around, still.

That care, soothes me,
Every second, still.

The love, fills me,
Endlessly, still.

You complete me,
Always have,
And always will.

January 12, 2012


They worry me. That is what comes to my head in an instant of typing the title. Maybe it’s just my personal experience but it seems like the nine year olds are being nineteen, the nineteen already twenty nine and the twenty nine striving to be... well they want to be nineteen like they have a year to pop but that’s a whole other post.

Whatever happened to aging gracefully? I would seriously like to know. Why is everyone hurrying up the Big Man’s original plan? Our blue print clearly was drafted so that every age had its charm. I know I might be too young to say this. But hey, if everyone’s a decade ahead anyway, I can be too. When I was nine, I read a book with a real spine and beautiful pages that could be flipped, I was colouring between the lines, playing all sorts of sport and wearing every hideous thing my Mom bought me. What I wasn’t doing was pressing <- and -> on a kindle while 'reading', colouring on iPad apps, playing sports on the Wii and shopping on

Why don’t people love the phase they’re in? Why work SO hard at growing up, only to be depressed when you do?

This is how ancient I feel. I had a Jimmy Choo catalogue lying around my room. Like a normal twenty four year old, I saw a shoe I liked. My little ten year old cousin was peeking at it too when I said to her, “That green shoe is beautiful”. She gave me a look of utter disbelief that quickly transitioned into a pitiful expression and said to me, “You mean the jade one, yes?”. Jade. Yes, JADE. Are colours not even colours anymore? Do we all talk in Gemstone now? I couldn’t do anything but sigh and apologize for my utter ignorance at the fact that it so clearly and obviously was a specific shade of the colour palette.

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I blame progress and technology. Hey I’m a total tech geek and proud of it. But at ten, I’m sorry; I wasn’t ALLOWED to be one. What with my Mom’s ridiculous ‘only 30 minutes of screen-viewing a day’ policy. I hated it then. I love it now. It needs to be back. I mean, I'm one of THOSE who got her glasses because of excessive 'nose in a book' syndrome, not watching The Disney Channel or Facebooking. I mean, even in THAT respect, how horrible is it to grow up around destructive mutant-like animes and not ever know the joy of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon?

Another thing. Children have too much information. Too many objects connected via electronic wires and cables. There are far too many gadgets doing our work FOR us. Too many ‘international’ schools who think calculators are oh-so vital for a 2+2 ... and far too many websites teaching a kid, how not to be one. 

So the next time you're left wondering why a nine year old, isn't like a nine year old anymore... I guess the answer would be the exact same reason that this post is not hand-written.