November 28, 2009

Wrongly Right

All wrong, yet

Never, felt so right.

Divine, even though such a sin.

Rush, never so painfully slow.

Elongated moments, cut short.

Aware, but blissfully unaware.

Stationary, even though moving.

Heaving sighs,

Ecstatic smiles,

Raging adrenaline,

Consoling words,

Heated moments,


No looking back, never will it

Happen again, because it is

All wrong, but somehow

Never does it stop feeling right.


  1. hello. i've dont usually do this so bear with me for a while. I love your blog. Actually I have never met anyone who I agree with on so many things esp. someone of my age. We should be friends (yes i'm serious)... email me at tarpaperscratch _ at _ hotmail dot com. oh right, my name is Imran. btw this is not spam lol

  2. Thank you so much for reading :) I appreciate it.

  3. "Aware, but blissfully unaware" That one always made sense to me.
    It's a nice nice that a scary thought actually crosses my that how it feels after all? :S

  4. Haha, I think it depends on the situation, the people, and lots of other factors :)

  5. you are my favourite amateur writer babe. love your stuff. that made complete sense the 7 times that i read it.

  6. why is it that i see i don see any more RIGHTLY ritten any more post from u.... :)

    everything looks so right and blissfull..... and later.... its all de......

    loved the ritin undoubtedly....