August 31, 2009

21 Things You Might/Might Not Know About Me

- I believe in making a wish at 11.11pm every night.
- I still love Barbie.
- I’m autophobic and aichmophobic.
- I think branded clothes are highly overrated.
- I’m the most logical & practical... except when it comes to myself.
- I’m extremely religious & superstitious.
- I eat almost 2 lunches and 2 dinners everyday.
- I’m closer to my Mom than to any friend of mine.
- I wish I was born a guy...all the time.
- I am a sucker for weddings!
- I still listen to Backstreet Boys :P
- I am a multi-linguist, I know around 7 languages
- My first ever crushes were feline. (Top Cat & Scar from Lion King. Ha ha!)
- I had a pet snake... named Hiss.
- I cry over movies, books, tv series, name it.
- I don’t cry when something happens in REAL life.
- I hate burgers, haven’t eaten one in almost 9 years.
- I would choose a book over a pair of shoes anyday.
- I have an IQ of 138.
- I can belly dance.
- I am an extremist, I can just love or’s either black or white.
- I am addicted to my Playstation 3.


  1. Ok, lemme see which ones stood out -

    - I knew about the pet snake and the languages part (btw, howz the Spanish coming along)

    - I could figure out the I.Q and the belly dancing part

    - The part about choosing books over shoes was a mild surprise (for someone who plans to set up her shoe business at Barcelona)

    - The part about being born as a guy was a BIG surprise

    This one is a query - for someone eating two lunches and two dinners, is there, er, a separate "storage" place...;-)

    Along the lines of the post, lemme tell you something similar. I once attended a Spanish class at Bangalore, and it was my first day. I was late and I was probably the penultimate student. As we casually chatted, one of the "Delhi Boys" (we'd 3 of 'em) wondered out loud "what was so special about Spanish anyways..." to which, I promptly jumped to the defence of one of my favourite languages/cultures and went on to enumerate about how "beautiful was the multifaceted aspects of anything related to Spain or its language..."; As I finished my speech, "the last student" entered the class and I took one look at her and told the rest of the (drooling) class with impish glee - "See what I mean pals..."; I don't know whether she ever knew about that li'l joke, but my words sure proved prophetic - she was the best (and most attractive) student during my stay in the class...

  2. Backstreet Boys wheeeeeee!!! :D

  3. Nice.

    I hate burgers too. They make puke.