May 04, 2009


That’s the label we chose,
Labels don’t change feelings,
They just try to oppose.

We’re Friends,
Out having coffee,
You crack a joke,
I crack a smile,
In my head I reflect,
No one else will get that,
The way I did.

Just Friends,
Chatting on the phone,
You can’t see me,
Imagining those lips,
Which tell me about their day...
Those very lips
Which uttered sweet nothings,
And made me
Want to sway.

As friends,
We go out to eat,
A hilarious sight we see,
We’re trying to suppress laughter,
Given away by your truthful eyes,
Those which saw me as gorgeous once,
I stare into them for a different reason,
And, you are none the wise.

Still, we’re Friends,
So you confide and share,
Woes about her,
I soothe and advise,
As unbiased as can be,
The hypocrite within silently yearns,
For her to be me.

Now, as a Friend,
You tell me,
To go with another guy.
To show I’ve moved on,
I smile and nod.
Though, inside I quietly cry.

Friends you say,
Well, they’re a species,
That understand what goes unsaid.
So you must know, how I feel
What I think about,
When I go to bed.

Friends we are,
You want to believe,
But inaudibly you agree.
You know exactly what we were,
What we are,
And what you mean to me.

But, as a Friend
You still act ignorant,
And choose not to see.
You run away. You try to avoid,
What we can truly be
Only to live up
To the wretched title,
The one, you labelled me.

Sure, we’re just Friends,
And, that’s all it ever was
You keep consoling yourself,
But the connect we had,
Cannot be corked tight,
In a bottle on a shelf.

So what,
If we’re just Friends,
And maybe it’s all we’ll ever be.
But it was and is,
A lot more than that,
After all, it’s...

You and Me.


  1. This one is my fave :-)Love it!

  2. I really love this one, its deep and i can relate to every line, every single line! its suddenly got me thinking!

  3. Thank you :) I'm glad you'll loved it.