May 04, 2009

I Am Still Me

I lost all my mind and sense,
I believed you were perfection in disguise,
I thought you were very different,
Sure you were,
It was just different lies.

You tell me to go back in time,
And be the person I used to be...
I tell you I don't need to go back,
It's you.
I am still me.

A different month, a different face
The only constant was my like.
I don't know what to believe,
What not to believe.
What to keep and what to strike.

So when you go back in time,
Then you will see,
I've not changed with the tide,
It was you,
I am still me.

I never wanted you more than a friend,
But you made me think,
We should be more.
Again, I trusted you in a blink.
Because, you always swore.

Let me know when you go back in time,
And finally see,
It was you who jumped ahead...
Because, I know that
I am still me.

You said, I was the one you truly wanted,
I was filled with glee.
I've never been wanted...
To such a great extent,
That it was so easy to forget me.

Make sure you go back in time,
And truly see...
How different you were,
From the 'you' now, for
I am still me.

You made me believe I deserved the best,
I should wait and see,
It would come my way,
But you didn't make sure it did...
You chose to walk astray.

Please just go back in time,
For your sake and see,
What's the reason for your change?
Because, it’s surely you.
I am still me.

Good things come to good people,
I heard once, not long ago
I really must have sinned then,
Because when came the time,
It was me who was let go...

You should go back in time,
You will definitely see,
How much you changed...
It was you.
I am still me.

You warned me that you lied,
And couldn't be trusted...
But that with me would never be.
I guess I was just one of them,
Contradicting to what you told me.

So it’s you, who should go back in time,
It's high time you see,
You consciously changed...
Not I, because,
I am still me.

Trust me when I say this though,
N’er will I regret our time well spent,
But also trust me when I say,
Never knowing what could've been,
I will resent.

But I know when you go back in time,
You will realise and see,
Maybe you were never you then,
But I was always me.
It WAS you who changed...

I am still me.


  1. hey...
    Sanchita, you write just great, know what i m a big fan of yours... and you're just so perfect at anything you do, must say, a complete Genius i see in you and the way you write and the art with which you express yrself...PERFECT!!!

    Thanks for providing us, readers, with somethin really worth reading and worth feeling..
    Thanks a lot..
    Keep it up... :)

  2. Thank you so much, I'm so glad you enjoy my writing :)

  3. yes .. i really do and hope to see much more from you... just another Legend that India has produced... :)

    Why dont u think of publishing it or sumthin? or you already do?

  4. 'Good things come to good people' : yu said it right.. and u guessed u were sinned but have given a thought on other variable.... that is If the thing came to you was BAD or not? Don assume that to be GOOD.. :)

  5. Lot of emotional pouring makes it lil tough to read, I would say, one wud need patience to read it thru and completly digest your pain... again, Everything changes as per time, and one that doesn change is considered DEAD. Only thing, one shud alwys change for the GOOD. Have a grt day and grt writing... I enjoyed it too.. :)