May 05, 2009

The Chase

The aristocratic men centuries ago, enjoyed many recreational activities whether it was drinking at a pub, playing polo, or going hunting. The whole aura around hunting fascinates me. It initially started off as a basic necessity, to seek food, but by the time it got to the 17th century, hunting was a totally different ball game and what’s more it carries on.

You must be wondering, a girl, twenty one years of age, is rambling on about probably the most boring topic ever. I mean, history and sport doesn’t exactly interest everyone, I know, but l beg you to let me lay down some groundwork, and then the fun will begin.

So, as I was saying, hunting evolved a lot along the ages, and around the 17th century it became more of a sport than a necessity. It was officially a game. The aim? To catch some. It didn’t end there, the rules changed even more. Years down the line, the game didn’t matter as much too. It was the chase. The immense thrill of the air battling against a person, the adrenaline pumping as he/she is defying all natural elements with their eyes on the prize. Never mind if the prize was kept or not. It was just the chase.

See, that’s what’s common with today’s hunting game, and then. It was always about the chase, and still is. That’s the highlight of the sport. The only thing that’s changed is the ‘game’ hunted. It’s humans we hunt. It’s them we choose to chase. That’s our thrill.

The Basics:

There are 2 parties involved of course. The prey and the predator.

The prey, is unaware it is being hunted. The first cycle of the chase, it spends in running away, being hard to get, thinking it’s so smart. It thinks it owns the game, it’s in control. But, tables don’t take too long to turn. The prey walks right into the trap and they think it is where they wanted to be anyway.

The predator is too smooth. Stealth is its middle name. The predator seeks what it wants and it needs won’t alter. The type of prey is chosen, the method is picked out and it goes for the kill. Once the conquest is done, the prey is officially dead for the predator. It’s time to seek something newer and fleshier.

The Types:

Typically game animals are divided into several categories for regulatory purposes. Typical categories, along with example species, are as follows:

  • Big game: Hot, smouldering, popular, sexy, rich. . . and taken.
  • Small Game: Cute & sweet, the typical girl/guy next door.
  • Furbearers: Daddy’s lil’ rich boy/girl. (cars, credit cards, debit cards and Swiss account included)
  • Predators: The eternal playboys and vixens.
  • Upland game bird: The innocent girl/guy from a town, new to the city.

The Hunting Methods:

  • Baiting: It is the use of decoys, lures & scent. (We’re all quite familiar with that one.)
  • Beagling: It is the use of beagles (wingmen/woman) in hunting.
  • Blind or Stand Hunting: It is waiting for animals from a concealed or elevated position. (Read: Stalker)
  • Calling: It is the use of animal noises to attract. (In the 21st century, that’d be the phone)
  • Camouflage: It is the use of visual concealment to blend with the environment. (Appearing to be what you’re not, and trying to fit in.)
  • Glassing: It is the use of optics (such as binoculars) to more easily locate animals. (Read: Perverts & bird watching)
  • Internet Hunting: It is a method of hunting over the internet using webcams. (Need I say more?)
  • Persistence Hunting: It is the use of running and tracking to pursue the prey to exhaustion (Yes, those annoying ‘secret admirers’ who never ever give up)
  • Scouting: It includes a variety of tasks and techniques for finding animals to hunt. (Hitting the right night spots)
  • Spotlighting or Shining: It is the use of artificial light to find or blind animals before killing. (Portraying to be something extra-ordinary just for the chase. Read: Fakers & Posers)
  • Stalking or Still Hunting: It is the practice of walking quietly, in search of animals or in pursuit of an individual animal. (Doesn’t need an explanation)
  • Tracking: It is the practice of reading physical evidence in pursuing animals. (Of course, the ‘game’ is chosen, on just that basis anyway)
  • Trapping: is the use of devices (snares, pits, deadfalls) to capture an animal. (Yes, situations created to make it seem like you NEED to be there)

These categories & methods are actual hunting terms, and not made up (Search ‘hunting’ on Wikipedia). The example species and content within brackets however, are ;)

Another thing which bothers me is this type of hunting I came across, which is so close to reality. It’s called ‘Trophy Hunting’. Wikipedia defines it as “The selective seeking of wild game. It may also include the controversial hunting of captive or semi-captive animals expressly bred and raised under controlled or semi-controlled conditions so as to attain trophy characteristics”

Sounds a lot like what’s going on around us. People have started trophy hunting just for the sake of the conquest. The condition the girl/guy is brought up in, their ‘taken’ status and the scandal adds on to their ‘trophy’ characteristics. They’re ‘hard to get’, and hence, definitely must be ‘gotten’. Of course, the trophy loses its lustre, the minute a bigger, better and shinier one comes by.

But never mind that now. What bothers me is, the minute the prey succumbs to the predator’s advances, why does the predator either back off, or lose interest? I mean, didn’t it want the prey’s attention? Didn’t it pick the prey itself? The answer is simple I guess, once the prey is attained, none of that matters. It’s game over. Predators are also big time back trackers. They make it seem like the prey wanted to be eaten, and they’re pretty convincing too. These predators are the ones that should be hunted and killed. Not just hunted and killed, they should be extinct.

Well, there is little we can do about this cruel sport which is gaining popularity world over. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an Olympic sport soon. Now wouldn’t that just be peachy? Along with the humiliated trophy, you get a medal too.

Ah well, unfortunately the predators are getting better by the day, they own the game and are giving a totally new meaning to ‘’Wolf in sheep’s clothing’’. The prey on the other hand, are getting more vulnerable, gullible and innocent than before. They’re easier. The chase is shorter. Some of them subconsciously want to be hunted.

I suggest they get smarter, and cautious. They should start wandering in herds, and keep a look out, because it’s the 21st century... and its officially open season.


  1. Dude sooo true...! Haha. Right on the dot. I like how you've written it btw...i've always told you, you write really well. Keep it up :)

  2. you seem to have a real gutter going up ur head.. and babe the place and people you hang out with.. when it is this bad the only thing is that people hanging out with such bunch and such group.. 'like' goes with 'like'.. and if this is all you see around babe its sure that you are a part of the bunch and just that you are sour right now so you writing this. otherwise you should not be around such people in the first place.. have fun !!

  3. Hey relax :) I don't just write about people I hang out with or around me.. these are observations I make along the way, wherever. I don't think you got the article really :) It's supposed to be a funny piece which mocks certain stereotypes.

    I agree with you 'like' goes with 'like'.. so I strongly recommend you stop hanging out with 'judgemental' and 'too serious' people :) Lighten up & take it with a pinch of salt!

    PS - Please refrain from calling me 'babe'

    Thank you for reading :)

  4. wow... i must say i am surprised.. i expected a rather angry and back to you kinda response..

    this one is quite different and i quite appreciate it. impressive :) or i shud say different than the usual. yeah and the babe thing is that thats the usual way i talk but sure i wont use that with you as you say.

    would be nice to read something nice and fresh other than a boy and girl relationship.

    something scintillating !!

    waitin !!

  5. Thank you again, but I write for myself. I'm pretty content with the boy-girl angle. But, if I do come up with a gay piece, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. So keep your eyes out :)


  6. that was an interesting analogy... like it!

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