May 30, 2009

21 Questions

I was reading various interview questions asked to famous people (who actually have a platform to voice out their thoughts) over a period of time and I chose some which caught my attention and I would've liked to answer differently. According to me, the interviewed people didn't quite do justice to them. Just random thoughts :)

Here goes something.

1) What do you consider to be the most beautiful thing in the world?
A smile that reaches one's eyes.

2) When do you tell a lie?
When the other person does nothing but.

3) What’s your super power?
Right self-evaluation. It keeps me from thinking I have super powers.

4) What’s your favourite language?

5) What's your take on George Bush?
Sure, I'd LOVE to take on George Bush. The old man wouldn't stand a chance.

6) Which country would feel like home to you?
A country where black, brown and white are just colours on an artist's palette, where the difference between male and female is just the letters 'fe', where guns and bombs are words which are extinct from the Oxford Dictionary, where rich and poor are only used to measure one's sense of humour.. too bad it doesn't exist, and hence, I will never feel at home.

7) Do you listen to others?
I'm sorry, I missed that one, I was talking about myself to me. :P

8) Do you think there is a difference between confidence and arrogance?
Yes I'm confident there is, but I'm too arrogant to say what it is.

9) If you were reincarnated, what would you like to come back as?
Refer question 6). I wouldn't like to come back.

10) Are you a cat or a dog person?
Neither. I'm a snake person. :)

11) What is life?
You roll the dice, you're stuck with the career you land on, you halt and marry, increase a pink/blue token on your car, travel all the yellow squares trying to earn lots of money, until you finally spin the rainbow wheel for the last time and 'retire' with lots of coloured money which has no value in the end.

12) How can we be happy?
By thinking we can be.

13) What is self-help exactly?
If I'd tell you, it would defeat the purpose now, wouldn't it? :P

14) If you were a word, what word would you be?
Trustworthy & Honest. I know you said 'a word', but this is my blog.

15) Why can we not live forever?
Because we spend our lives thinking about how to, and eventually, it kills us.

16) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
A man.

17) Do you constantly dwell on the past?
'Dwell' yes, 'constantly' no.

18) Do you care what others think about you?
I just care about whether I'm being thought about.

19) What will you choose to never wear?
A frown... also, the colour black, flat shoes, bell bottoms & kaftans. :)

20) What can one do to change the world we live in?
Start with the Man In The Mirror...or move to Mars. Both work. ;)

21) Who are you really?
I am really just me, and I choose to keep it that way.


  1. Love it.. Its funny too.. Love the way you've tackled some of these questions.. Some daft answers you normally see, but not here!

  2. Ha ha that was the idea :) Glad you liked it! You should've read what the actual answers given by celebrities were!

  3. This one is the best so far. trust me... it's so witty yet so true! brilliant answers... my fav being 6 and 16... also the mars one.. haha. AWESOME!

  4. I like 12.

    And 10 scares me :S

  5. I think the answers are a little to diplomatic. Maybe its just me. Not sure though.

    On a different note.. I really like the photograph. Very expressive eyes.

  6. Imp: Ha ha :)

    Arvind: If you think they're diplomatic, then job well done.. because I wanted the interview to reflect me as a person, and I am VERY diplomatic. Thank you for the compliment on my photo :P

  7. I guess its ok to be Diplomatic (to a certain extent) but not always. Sometimes its better to speak your mind rather than hold back and say something to release the tension at that moment.

  8. Yeah, true, but trust me, no thoughts with held :)

  9. If that's the case, then good interview I must add:)

  10. Loved the 11th, Very diplomatically bold, One small suggestion though, is it possible to change the font and a few colors? it makes reading a little difficult i felt.

  11. Thank you, is the background making it hard or the grey?