March 01, 2009

Hope in Despair

Painting done by Sameer Hazari

Locked away,

In a muted room,

Grime and stone,

To make talk with.

Sitting against

The door,

Which holds her captive,


Inches in width.

Her lashes,

Constantly damp,

Like petals,

Bearing dew,

In the early morn,

Her lips,

So luscious


Tight in scorn.

Face resting,

On her palms,

Like a beautiful book,

Atop a holy stand,

Which can be read,


And cherished

For eternity.

A tiny light,

Enters the scope,

The sun ray hits,

That pretty face,

It lights up,

In realisation,

“It was just,

Another phase”

Those eyes,

Mirror hope,

Even after seeing,

Nothing but ghast,

Those tears hold hope,

She knows,

Hope is all,

That can last.

The scars are fresh,

And have cut deep,

But, she knows,

While she sheds a tear,

And strikes,

A pained smile,


Hope in despair,

Is all she can keep.


  1. was just browsing through and found your blog really interesting...........

  2. I'm going to be honest and say that my eyes filled up right now.. Loved it!

  3. U've mirrored the picture perfectly with your words. Very nice!

  4. Ritikaa Luthria SadhwaniMarch 6, 2009 at 12:21 AM


  5. Two polar opposite posts!! One entrenched in joie de vivre followed by an equally disenchanting work. Mind you, the expression still remains sublime. Its only the ambience that takes a U-turn. Any specific reason for such a combination/follow up or was it mere coincidence...

  6. Pooja: That was the idea :) Thank you.
    Ritika: Thank you so much!
    Somya: It was just sheer co-incidence! :) The artist painted these 2 paintings in succession, so I wrote on them in that order.. This is based on the lines of his inspiration, and Colour, is based on my inspiration got from the painting :)

  7. bravo..!! wt a way to vent out ur inner emotions. but i think dt probably u dnt hve enuf courage to talk abt dem directly nd on face to smeone.....

  8. Thank you so much :) Yes, I guess I don't have the courage, which is why I have put my writing up for public view. I should learn from you, you seem to have a lot of guts, posting as 'Anonymous'. Bravo to you too.

  9. hey!.. stumbled upon ur page through facebook poker ... pretty deep stuff... we all think deep but not everyone can express it like u have!

  10. hey....
    great blog..

    wanna ask u something.. if u don mind, can u tel me where from did u get this great template???

  11. wow... what an expression you are..
    amazing.. Never'ending is wow ! ! !