December 24, 2008

The Battle Goes On

Oscar Wilde once said, "The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means."

That quote makes me lose hope. It makes me think niceness is totally overrated. It gets you nowhere. Sadly, in today's world, it's taken a backseat. You need to be a go-getter, a fighter, a ruthless madman (or woman) to get what you want! I have been noticing this so much, that it scares me. Evil is the new black. Everyone’s wearing it, with panache. In a fight between Good and Evil. It's evil that wins. The fact that Satan wins, makes him a winner, which in today's vocabulary is considered good. Hence, it's actually good to be evil, and evil to be good.

If you’re nice, you’re taken for a ride. If you’re trusting, that’s being naive. If you’re kind, you’re a push over. If you’re genuine, maybe it’s an act. I feel for these people. I also have immense respect for them but, the sad part is half of them will sell their soul to the Devil, just to fit in. I wish they don’t, or didn’t, but that’s reality. Someone should tell them that in the long run, they will be the winners, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

I mean, you're the one going out of your way to help people, make them feel special, care for them, you're probably the only one who even gives a damn about them. What do you get? For starters, you get taken advantage of. For the main course, on the menu is hurt on a platter, served with a side order of embarrassment, with a slight dressing of regret. Oh, and for dessert? You get taken for granted. All your life. What's worse is, there is no mint given to you to even wash off the taste of that whole meal.

On the other hand if you’re bitchy, that’s hot. If you’re ruthless, you’re bold. If you have no morals, you’re cool. If you’re slutty, you win. You know what you want, you aim for it, and you sure as hell GO for it. Courtesy, niceness, humility and morals can go take a hike. These are the kind of people I personally can’t tolerate. These are the ones who should be counting their days. According to me, their joy and success is short-lived, because that’s how they get their happiness, by short cuts, derogatory methods, cheating, manipulation etc. It doesn’t last. It won’t last. It cannot last.

The workings of Evil have been happening for quite some time, but what worries me now is, it’s becoming more and more. Niceness looks like it won’t win, even eventually. Evil is having its Devil’s food cake, and eating it too, and what’s more...with extra icing. Evil isn’t paying their dues. Good, is paying for them.

The most dangerous is, when Evil puts on a 'good' face. The victim is unaware. He thinks the Evil is actually from the Good clan. They care, they love, they cherish, but it's all fake. They're like that to those selective people, not in general. When Evil does Good, they're more angelic than any Good is. They make an extra effort, are more cautious and flawless, because they are the mimics. This is unsettling. The only time the victims realize and recognize Evils, is when it's too late.

There is a solution to this though. All the Goods know the Evils. Inside out. They can pick out Satan's spawn from a mile away. Listen to them. Trust them. You'll be better off. When someone's too good to be true, they're probably an Evil.

Nice people are sufferers, but let's look on the brighter side for a minute though.They don’t feel guilty everyday they wake up. They do have a conscience. They sleep in peace. They have no regrets. They truly deserve to be loved, and can go to bed thinking they did the best they could and there aren’t any people hating on them (except the Evils maybe, because they have a misconception that they’re good). They don’t dream big, but they dream sweet. That's how it should be.

God, or whatever else they have their faith in, has a lot more in store for them. So, hope isn’t lost. It should be this very faith that should carry them on. Because, if they keep faith and they’re lucky, Evil will be unmasked. The dues will all be paid back (with interest) and soon, everyone will come to realise Evil is really no good. White is better than black. Up is better than down. Light is definitely better than dark. Speaking of which, a quote comes to mind...

“There are dark evil shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast” – Charles Dickens

I always did prefer Charles Dickens to that Oscar Wilde guy. Now I know why. Optimism, you gotta love it. I know I do. :)


  1. Love it.. I love the way you've put it across..

  2. Whew! I was so glad that the post ended on the note that it did. For most of the post, I found myself not agreeing with the thought process (even though I must confess that the expression was lucid to the point of being endearing. After all, whatever happened to that beautiful word called "Detachment"? Isn't it the greatest of the fallacies to expect anything in return for goodness? Trouble is, that while it is ridiculously easy to preach, its application is commensurately difficult. Still, I believe that there's enough good in this world to overwhelm "the Dark side'. Cheers to detachment...

  3. "When someone's too good to be true, they're probably an Evil." - ha ha ha.. this one won it for me. nice one. ha ha ha.. when someones too good to be true, they are probably an evil.. ha ha ha.. ha ha ha.. ha ha ha.. laugh is all i can ...

    and nice one. yeah and its just that when you have been taken for a ride that you feel may be they(evil) are having their way. in reality they never are, their pleasure, happiness, joy.. its all just a facade. its even not skin deep. they are hurting inside the most, its just that it requires courage to say 'yeah, i got to change'. they are still not able to take that step.

    even during my times and when i remember my run in's with them, i do curse them. some i still do.. and sadly, they pay, they have to. its a law of nature and i have no problem with that ! !