December 28, 2008


Never will I smile, like I did at you.

Never will I talk, like I did to you.

Never will I express, like I did with you.

Never will I let in, like I did let you.

Never will I care, like I did for you.

Never will I look, like I did at you.

Never will I give, like I did to you,

Never will I trust, like I did with you

Never will I wait, like I did for you

Never will I be true, like I was to you.

Never will I change, like I did after you.

Never will I cry, like I did over you.

Yes, I know, never say NEVER


Never will I find such a man

Like, I did in you.


  1. There's always that one person who leaves such an imprint on us, that just when we're getting used to the idea that it's all over, we realize that there are somethings that are just never'ending' like you said. We are what we are because of them and we'll never be the same with anyone else. It's like everything changes after them.
    Here I am thinking I'm the only one, when you've managed to bring it all out just like you read my mind.

    I'm sure everyone will find their someone in your poem. There's nothing like it if your writing has managed to pull a string in the hearts of those who read it. That's just what you've done here. Brilliant job! :) Haven't come across something that I can relate to on such a personal level, in a very long time.

  2. @ Pooja: Thank you :)

    @ Priyanka: I'm glad you liked it so much. I'm glad to know someone can relate to, and understand exactly what I meant. You made my day. Thank you so much.

  3. San, I can't tell you how much I relate to this. We always have that one person in out lives who make us feel exactly like you have written in this.. I love it..

  4. Every word and every 'never' resonates with my experience. very well written and expressed. how we chose 'never' because we never think of the consequences of giving in!! its good to stick to 'never' sometimes!! love the poem!

  5. Wow! Two thumbs up!! Here's wishing that the blog posts "never ends"...

  6. Correction - It should have read " posts "never end"...

  7. You write beautifully and very intensely Sanchita... It was sheer destiny which got me to your blog and I read most of your posts in one go n plan to read all of them ASAP.. It has been a pleasure being on your page.
    Much love,