December 30, 2008


I take a walk to the mountain,

Should I climb? Should I not?

A re-assuring hand grabs me

It takes me with it.

It thinks I can, I should.

It leads me on...with confidence

To green pastures, beautiful flora,

It makes me believe,

In make-believe

I am at the peak,

There is nothing better,

There can’t be.

This is as good as it gets,

The hand steers, it guides,

I feel secure.

It takes my hand,

Walks me to the edge,

Shows me visions

Of sheer beauty below

The calm water running,

Smooth grey rocks in between.

Suddenly the hand withdraws,

Away from mine.

It’s on my back instead,

It’s urging me on,

I hesitate, so

It pushes me.

I ask myself, why?

In a blink

An answer obtained

It showed me the unreal,

Till it wanted to

Till it felt I liked the view.

I see no choice

I sail downwards,

Away from utopia,

Away from the cruel paw,

For human turns animal,

The calm water, turbulent

And the grey rocks...a bloody red.


  1. Very powerful. Especially the last stanza. I love the 'cruel paw' and the smooth transition that turned human into animal.

  2. Back in school, I loved Metaphors amongst all figures of speech, and it was a delight to note its usage in many of your posts, including this one! The "reassuring hand" could entail a myriad range of interpretations (guide, lover, life itself e.t.c, e.t.c) and that is precisely what made the post such an engaging read. Looking forward to the next one - Soumya