December 08, 2008

The King Of His Court

On his throne he sits,

Looking at the masses below,

They’re all there just for him,

Him, they choose to follow.

Mesmerizing statements,

A lot of declaration,

Genuine sounding concern,

A true politician.

A smooth talker, if there was ever one

It’s easy to see, why they believe him,

He gives you his goblet of false hope,

Filled to the brim.

Empty promises,

Which will never see the day,

Never true to his word,

Come what may.

He is the decision maker,

Final and concrete,

His loyal subjects have no say,

His demand they must meet.

To war when he goes,

Claims it’s for his clan,

At the end of day, he is selfish

He is but, just a man.

One day he will see,

He should cautiously tread,

For a revolt comes unexpected

After all…

That’s why monarchy is dead.


  1. Fuck that's intense, Ur learning San... ;-) Not Bad at all.

  2. Monarchy may be dead, but Autocracy still rules, thinly veiled. Succinctly put, and that's what bolstered the message...