December 30, 2008


I take a walk to the mountain,

Should I climb? Should I not?

A re-assuring hand grabs me

It takes me with it.

It thinks I can, I should.

It leads me on...with confidence

To green pastures, beautiful flora,

It makes me believe,

In make-believe

I am at the peak,

There is nothing better,

There can’t be.

This is as good as it gets,

The hand steers, it guides,

I feel secure.

It takes my hand,

Walks me to the edge,

Shows me visions

Of sheer beauty below

The calm water running,

Smooth grey rocks in between.

Suddenly the hand withdraws,

Away from mine.

It’s on my back instead,

It’s urging me on,

I hesitate, so

It pushes me.

I ask myself, why?

In a blink

An answer obtained

It showed me the unreal,

Till it wanted to

Till it felt I liked the view.

I see no choice

I sail downwards,

Away from utopia,

Away from the cruel paw,

For human turns animal,

The calm water, turbulent

And the grey rocks...a bloody red.

December 29, 2008

The Goat

Autumn it was,

Freshly fallen leaves,

The path adorned,

A bright orange plumage.

Walking solitary,

Homeward bound,

When I came across,

A kid, wounded.

The offspring of a goat.

It was,

I lifted it gently,

Heard its cry,

Saw the sorrow in its eye,

Instantly, I felt like its saviour,

It’s care-taker.

Now, to my journey home,

I wasn’t alone.

Days went by,

The poor creature,

I nourished, fed, healed.

We had a bond.

A bond, which made me forget

Many others...

A bond strongly sealed.

Its eyes never lied,

They showed gratefulness,

It knew I had helped, I know

It liked being cared for,

It was glad it was mine.

But, it had to grow.

Soon, the day dawned,

In a cold winter,

The kid became,

A Goat,

His horns, his fur, his hoofs

In all their glory were born

I felt a cold ‘drift’,

I dismissed it,

Blamed it on the season,

I still clung on.

Until finally, I felt,

Horns piercing me,

Hoofs kicking hard...

And the once warm fur, now

A thick-skinned blanket,

That felt nothing.

I had to let go.

It was time to let go.

It was time,

For the Goat,

To go back to where,

It came from.

Not so long ago.

A better Goat it was,

It knew

Because of me,

But I learnt a lot more,

And I knew,

The better one...

Was me.

December 28, 2008


Never will I smile, like I did at you.

Never will I talk, like I did to you.

Never will I express, like I did with you.

Never will I let in, like I did let you.

Never will I care, like I did for you.

Never will I look, like I did at you.

Never will I give, like I did to you,

Never will I trust, like I did with you

Never will I wait, like I did for you

Never will I be true, like I was to you.

Never will I change, like I did after you.

Never will I cry, like I did over you.

Yes, I know, never say NEVER


Never will I find such a man

Like, I did in you.

December 27, 2008


Truth. Everyone wants it, few speak it, and none can truly handle it. If you don’t get it, you have a problem, when you do; you’ve just dug your own grave. It’s a no-win situation. Of course you should always speak the truth, and not lie. But the truth I’m talking about is the truth, after a lot of lying has already taken place. THAT is when you can’t handle the truth. THAT is you should ideally think “Hey, maybe ignorance is bliss”.

Once a web of lies is spun, the spider forgets the word ‘truth’ ever existed. He actually starts believing his own lies and marketing it really well too. His lie almost turns into the truth. Almost. Just as the transition is about complete, the truth comes out flying like a vacuum and sucks the web off the ceiling. Of course the spider is caught in his own tangle, but hey, he was merciless in the first place, it’s easy for him to get over his own lies. I mean, he always knew it was just that. Again, it’s the victim of the lies, who after suffering from the beginning, is still enduring the pain. First you uncover that, everything was a lie. Like that’s not enough, you want to know the actual truth. You basically want shock treatment right after you’ve just been struck with lightning.

Everything the poor soul respected, upheld, loved, cherished, and believed to be the truth comes shattering down in an instant. There is not much time gap between knowing something to be true and false. It takes just an instant, and an instant is not enough to accept the truth. Not even a week, a month... heck, I don’t think a lifetime is enough. Acceptance of the truth, when I say, again I don’t mean, finally coming terms with the fact that everything was a lie. It’s more the acceptance of the lie itself.

I for one cannot. I don’t want lies in the first place. If you need to bend the truth, don’t have a conversation with me. I prefer silence. If you say, the lie is to make me happy, no thank you. I prefer grief. If you say, it was the situation that made you lie; I think you should have avoided the situation in the first place. If you lied, to impress me, lies doesn’t impress anyone genius. Get a life. If you lied because it’s a habit, please try drinking or smoking instead. They’re comparatively better habits (If you do those too, how about sky-diving then, head first, off a cliff, without a harness?). If you lied because you wanted to experiment, save those for the guinea pigs in the lab please, we’re human. If you lied to save someone else, stop being a martyr, it’s considered your sin, not theirs. If you lied to save YOUR ass, please give my regards to the Devil when you go to hell.

No one likes a long nose. Everyone knows Pinocchio had one because of his incessant lying. Please save everyone the trouble, and be a true man/woman. Don’t be a coward. If you can’t come to terms with your own truth, how can you even expect the other person to? Face it. Speak it. Don’t fear it. Most of the time, how much ever ghastly the truth, if spoken before the planned lie, it is received with arms wide open.

Insecurity, fear of rejection, guilt and over-caution breed lies. That’s where it comes from. Stop feeling insecure. No one’s going to reject you. No one’s going to lose respect for you. A true person is always understood. Those few who cannot understand you, you don’t need anyway. I mean, what kind of retard won’t understand a person who speaks the truth? They need help. Not you. You just need to come clean, and avoid lying.

Another thing which inevitably leads to lying is keeping everyone happy. You can’t. No one can. Come to terms with it. Filter the people who truly matter, the ones who are worth it, who would keep YOU happy. Don’t lie to simultaneous people. Like I said, when the web crumbles, you won’t have a SINGLE happy person left. So the keeping everyone happy didn’t go too well now, did it?

Some people don’t mean to lie. They just withhold important truth. It’s absolutely fine for a while, but procrastination is the recipe for disaster as well. Make sure it’s out before someone else gets to say it for you. Now, if that happens, the wounded is going to uphold the person who was your mouthpiece, and be hurt because you didn’t tell them first. You really DID want to tell them, you meant to, you were just gathering courage, or waiting for the right time. That’s stupid. There is never a RIGHT time to hurt someone. Do it gently, do it fast, get it over with. Yank the band-aid off already. The hurt will heal faster.

Next time you want to escape, save yourself, alter things, please people... the Devil on your shoulder will show you the easy way out. “Lie” he will say, but it just takes a tiny shrug and humungous will power to overthrow him and speak the truth instead. Trust me.

I mean, you don’t want people shoving a whole bottle of Veritaserum down your throat now, do you?

December 24, 2008

The Battle Goes On

Oscar Wilde once said, "The good ended happily, and the bad unhappily. That is what Fiction means."

That quote makes me lose hope. It makes me think niceness is totally overrated. It gets you nowhere. Sadly, in today's world, it's taken a backseat. You need to be a go-getter, a fighter, a ruthless madman (or woman) to get what you want! I have been noticing this so much, that it scares me. Evil is the new black. Everyone’s wearing it, with panache. In a fight between Good and Evil. It's evil that wins. The fact that Satan wins, makes him a winner, which in today's vocabulary is considered good. Hence, it's actually good to be evil, and evil to be good.

If you’re nice, you’re taken for a ride. If you’re trusting, that’s being naive. If you’re kind, you’re a push over. If you’re genuine, maybe it’s an act. I feel for these people. I also have immense respect for them but, the sad part is half of them will sell their soul to the Devil, just to fit in. I wish they don’t, or didn’t, but that’s reality. Someone should tell them that in the long run, they will be the winners, maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but someday.

I mean, you're the one going out of your way to help people, make them feel special, care for them, you're probably the only one who even gives a damn about them. What do you get? For starters, you get taken advantage of. For the main course, on the menu is hurt on a platter, served with a side order of embarrassment, with a slight dressing of regret. Oh, and for dessert? You get taken for granted. All your life. What's worse is, there is no mint given to you to even wash off the taste of that whole meal.

On the other hand if you’re bitchy, that’s hot. If you’re ruthless, you’re bold. If you have no morals, you’re cool. If you’re slutty, you win. You know what you want, you aim for it, and you sure as hell GO for it. Courtesy, niceness, humility and morals can go take a hike. These are the kind of people I personally can’t tolerate. These are the ones who should be counting their days. According to me, their joy and success is short-lived, because that’s how they get their happiness, by short cuts, derogatory methods, cheating, manipulation etc. It doesn’t last. It won’t last. It cannot last.

The workings of Evil have been happening for quite some time, but what worries me now is, it’s becoming more and more. Niceness looks like it won’t win, even eventually. Evil is having its Devil’s food cake, and eating it too, and what’s more...with extra icing. Evil isn’t paying their dues. Good, is paying for them.

The most dangerous is, when Evil puts on a 'good' face. The victim is unaware. He thinks the Evil is actually from the Good clan. They care, they love, they cherish, but it's all fake. They're like that to those selective people, not in general. When Evil does Good, they're more angelic than any Good is. They make an extra effort, are more cautious and flawless, because they are the mimics. This is unsettling. The only time the victims realize and recognize Evils, is when it's too late.

There is a solution to this though. All the Goods know the Evils. Inside out. They can pick out Satan's spawn from a mile away. Listen to them. Trust them. You'll be better off. When someone's too good to be true, they're probably an Evil.

Nice people are sufferers, but let's look on the brighter side for a minute though.They don’t feel guilty everyday they wake up. They do have a conscience. They sleep in peace. They have no regrets. They truly deserve to be loved, and can go to bed thinking they did the best they could and there aren’t any people hating on them (except the Evils maybe, because they have a misconception that they’re good). They don’t dream big, but they dream sweet. That's how it should be.

God, or whatever else they have their faith in, has a lot more in store for them. So, hope isn’t lost. It should be this very faith that should carry them on. Because, if they keep faith and they’re lucky, Evil will be unmasked. The dues will all be paid back (with interest) and soon, everyone will come to realise Evil is really no good. White is better than black. Up is better than down. Light is definitely better than dark. Speaking of which, a quote comes to mind...

“There are dark evil shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger in the contrast” – Charles Dickens

I always did prefer Charles Dickens to that Oscar Wilde guy. Now I know why. Optimism, you gotta love it. I know I do. :)

December 08, 2008

The King Of His Court

On his throne he sits,

Looking at the masses below,

They’re all there just for him,

Him, they choose to follow.

Mesmerizing statements,

A lot of declaration,

Genuine sounding concern,

A true politician.

A smooth talker, if there was ever one

It’s easy to see, why they believe him,

He gives you his goblet of false hope,

Filled to the brim.

Empty promises,

Which will never see the day,

Never true to his word,

Come what may.

He is the decision maker,

Final and concrete,

His loyal subjects have no say,

His demand they must meet.

To war when he goes,

Claims it’s for his clan,

At the end of day, he is selfish

He is but, just a man.

One day he will see,

He should cautiously tread,

For a revolt comes unexpected

After all…

That’s why monarchy is dead.