December 29, 2012

Y U NO behave Y chromosome?

I might offend a lot of people here, but today I honestly don't give a damn. This is not just a Delhi issue. This is not just a man issue. This is not even just about this rape case.  No matter how educated or not, how rich or not, women have never been treated equal in an Indian household by men. Anything threatening the male ego takes them to this irrational awful place where consciences don't exist. Only blood, vengeance and the will to get even and 'show' them who's boss.

There is a raw sense of an almost different undiscovered animalistic warrior type blood group that runs through the veins. There is a thirst for violence and power, and I'm sure if someone analysed the DNA of Indian men, they would find stuff that nukes are made of. No.. honest.

Let's not get carried away by the Indian angle here though. The bigger issue is the species as a whole. It's the Y factor. I was never much for feminism, but there is this ridiculous thing I have come to notice about men, and I am very glad we lack. A disgusting mob mentality. A gang loyalty. Stuff mafias are made of and the underworld runs on.

Men have this sick code. Not the fun 'bro' kind. Not even the Dexter kind. It's the 'we can do whatever we want because there is so many of us and none of us are man enough to tell on the other' kind. If women were as repulsive, there would've been instances where a man has raped women in the presence of women. Men dare not. Men know women have a conscience. Men know they don't stand a chance. But men with men, spells trouble. They know such a gathering has no conscience. Even if they do, it is seemed to have been deftly discarded. Just like they did when five of them were pulling a girl's pigtails at the playground, when they dated women who were easy in high school and laughed together about it, when they all went for their bachelor parties to Bangkok and when they gang raped a woman behind a private bus in Delhi. It's all about who is more powerful. It's about who roars loudest. It's about who has the biggest mane. It's about who leads the pride.. or should I say the shame. 

Presence of women together never make it okay to do something a lot more. In fact, this is the first time I am glad that we are known for backstabbing our own kind. We bitch, we undermine, we compete and we're petty. We do not blindly condone all horrible female acts. We do not render support to murder just because they're one of us and we definitely do not tolerate inhumanity at the sake of 'fun'. I mean when did murder equate to sexual pleasure anyway... unless you're a praying mantis, in which case I hope your wife or girlfriend does bite your head off after they mate with you.

Of course when I say women do NOT and we NEVER and we WON'T, I mean, there is a lesser probability. By lesser I mean, about 59348841 times lesser. So men, it's still shamefully significant.

I think we all need to go back to basics. Face some harsh realities and re-evaluate what we're doing. According to me it all starts at the most primitive level. Men are physically stronger than women. This is not a claim or a guess, it is a scientifically proven fact. I could go on and on trying to explain why this is true and you'd argue no it isn't, but there's a reason we don't compete in the same category when it comes to sport. Enough said.

This, is the root cause of all. Men need to accept they're stronger. Women need to accept it even more.

When I say men need to 'accept', I mean they need to learn how to embrace this and channel it in constructive ways. They need to realize we are not competition and they do not need to incessantly keep proving they are more powerful than womankind. In the words of urban dictionary, they need to chill the eff down and not go so cray cray.

As women, we need to accept this too. We can go on claiming about how we're the stronger sex, but literally and figuratively, we're not. We're just not. This isn't a man-made thing to alter. Don't mess with creation. We need to fight for equality of a different kind, not this. We need to accept men are biologically stronger and let them know they are. We need to assure them they can use this in ways that benefit everyone. We need to make them feel secure, even though it is a bit of an idiotic thing to do. They need to 'feel' secure for us to 'be' secure.

Men just need to be taught. They need to realise what they hold. In the end, it isn't a person or a nation that's in power. It's men. Men have been in power since T-Rex breathed his last. They are meant to be protectors and us the protected, not them predators and us prey. I don't know why this is hard to digest when we willingly love that our fathers and brothers take on that guardian role and are strong for us. We need to accept this in general, and embrace it, without thinking that it makes us weaker. 

And men, let me speak in a language you will understand. With great power comes great responsibility. Don't make your power your personal Kryptonite. Absorb the right amount of radiations from our yellow star, or you could end up just looking like an over-muscled idiot who likes to wear red chuddis on the outside.

February 14, 2012

Still You

Those eyes, evoke in me,
The same emotion, still.

That smile, melts me,
To no end, still.

That touch, electrifies me,
All over, still.

That voice, assures me,
To go on, still.

That warmth, encompasses me,
From all around, still.

That care, soothes me,
Every second, still.

The love, fills me,
Endlessly, still.

You complete me,
Always have,
And always will.

January 12, 2012


They worry me. That is what comes to my head in an instant of typing the title. Maybe it’s just my personal experience but it seems like the nine year olds are being nineteen, the nineteen already twenty nine and the twenty nine striving to be... well they want to be nineteen like they have a year to pop but that’s a whole other post.

Whatever happened to aging gracefully? I would seriously like to know. Why is everyone hurrying up the Big Man’s original plan? Our blue print clearly was drafted so that every age had its charm. I know I might be too young to say this. But hey, if everyone’s a decade ahead anyway, I can be too. When I was nine, I read a book with a real spine and beautiful pages that could be flipped, I was colouring between the lines, playing all sorts of sport and wearing every hideous thing my Mom bought me. What I wasn’t doing was pressing <- and -> on a kindle while 'reading', colouring on iPad apps, playing sports on the Wii and shopping on

Why don’t people love the phase they’re in? Why work SO hard at growing up, only to be depressed when you do?

This is how ancient I feel. I had a Jimmy Choo catalogue lying around my room. Like a normal twenty four year old, I saw a shoe I liked. My little ten year old cousin was peeking at it too when I said to her, “That green shoe is beautiful”. She gave me a look of utter disbelief that quickly transitioned into a pitiful expression and said to me, “You mean the jade one, yes?”. Jade. Yes, JADE. Are colours not even colours anymore? Do we all talk in Gemstone now? I couldn’t do anything but sigh and apologize for my utter ignorance at the fact that it so clearly and obviously was a specific shade of the colour palette.

Maybe I’m being unreasonable, but I blame progress and technology. Hey I’m a total tech geek and proud of it. But at ten, I’m sorry; I wasn’t ALLOWED to be one. What with my Mom’s ridiculous ‘only 30 minutes of screen-viewing a day’ policy. I hated it then. I love it now. It needs to be back. I mean, I'm one of THOSE who got her glasses because of excessive 'nose in a book' syndrome, not watching The Disney Channel or Facebooking. I mean, even in THAT respect, how horrible is it to grow up around destructive mutant-like animes and not ever know the joy of a Hanna-Barbara cartoon?

Another thing. Children have too much information. Too many objects connected via electronic wires and cables. There are far too many gadgets doing our work FOR us. Too many ‘international’ schools who think calculators are oh-so vital for a 2+2 ... and far too many websites teaching a kid, how not to be one. 

So the next time you're left wondering why a nine year old, isn't like a nine year old anymore... I guess the answer would be the exact same reason that this post is not hand-written.

July 16, 2010


Happiness was far away
Until, you smiled at me.

Support was only an illusion
Until, you walked beside me.

Understanding, non-existent
Until, you understood me.

Possession had no meaning
Until, you owned me.

Depth was of no value
Until, you loved me.

Forever was a fairytale
Until, YOU happened to me.

February 23, 2010

The Wall

Bad experiences with people. They just leave a horrible bitter taste in our mouth. They breed distrust, anger, hesitance, sadness and caution. These are nothing but bricks and cement that inevitably lead to the construction of a fierce wall. A wall of defence so strong, Terry and Puyol would be put to shame. There is no door...not even a window. We're so busy blocking out the negativity and protecting ourselves against harm, that we don't realise we're also very effectively blocking out the air, the sunshine, the view...not to mention, new visitors.

Chances are free, whether given or taken. Try it. If you are one of those few who has a newly built wall, don't let the cement dry. I know what you're thinking. "I did give people a chance again. They're all just the same. Story of my life. Now I'm done!". Wrong. Everyone is NOT the same. We think that, because after one or two of the same kind of experiences, we're subconsciously scared and waiting in anticipation for the same turn of events eventually. So, when they do happen, we try to find identical aspects and behaviour. Hence, it's just easier to group them all together and give up. We claim we're the victim of the same thing repeatedly. Truly think about it. We just tend to dwell on the similarities. We very conveniently ignore the differences between experiences. Selective memory is what it's called.

Want to be happier? You know that little rubber thing at the end of your pencil? Use it on your life's paper more often. Erase the negative thoughts and the presumptions that you base on your past experiences. Turn the page to a nice white blank sheet every time you meet a new person, before you start making notes on them. Don't pre-judge. You're going to lose out. I repeat, everyone is NOT the same. Yes, the saying "Beware of dog, he bites" does exist. But the fact is, all dogs don't bite.

When I say erase, I don't mean forget. Of course we should learn from history. Our forefathers weren't completely stupid. But the past seldom has anything to do with the next person we meet. There is a reason the 'present' lies between the past and the future, separating it. Wren and Martin knew what they were talking about. Go with it.

If we stop believing, people stop believing in us. If we stop letting people in, people stop letting us in. It is as simple as that. We don't want that. We're social beings. We need to start treating experiences like a meal at a restaurant. Take it all with a pinch of salt, and forget about it when the bill is cleared. It needs to be digested and removed out of our system before things start churning, get complicated and leave a 'mess'...if you know what I mean.

We need to understand that guarding doesn't defend. It isolates. It leads to unnecessary paranoia. This isn't protection. It's prison. If you really want to look into the past, then let it be 1990 again! Pull down that carefully constructed Berliner Mauer of yours. See what you haven't been seeing for so long. See what is outside. See who's been peeping over the wall. See who is on the other side.

Let them in.

February 19, 2010


Frail, fragile and fresh,
Have no worry,
I will be here for you, you will see..
Like you will someday, I know for me,

Mistakes of mine,
You will not mirror,
I will try to make sure,
Like you will someday, I know for me,

If I reach great heights,
So will you, only higher will they be,
I will show you how,
Like you will someday, I know for me.

If lost like a lamb,
Scared be not,
A guiding beacon I will be,
Like you will someday, I know for me.

How do I know,
Someday will arrive and
You will be there?
You WILL be there, we will see,
Because after all,
You are a little me.

November 28, 2009

Wrongly Right

All wrong, yet

Never, felt so right.

Divine, even though such a sin.

Rush, never so painfully slow.

Elongated moments, cut short.

Aware, but blissfully unaware.

Stationary, even though moving.

Heaving sighs,

Ecstatic smiles,

Raging adrenaline,

Consoling words,

Heated moments,


No looking back, never will it

Happen again, because it is

All wrong, but somehow

Never does it stop feeling right.

November 24, 2009

The Seductress

Love and trust. Time and time again, people state completely contradictory things about them. People say they go hand in hand. Love is often referred to as blind, simple, eternal, necessary, complicated, hard, overrated etc.. I think it just depends on which situation you are in. If you're in a loving 4 year long relationship, you're going to think it's bliss, even when it's complicated because, then you look at the positive aspects more than the negative aspects. People, who're single, and trying to find that one person to connect with, but continuously keep falling on their faces, would say love is fictional, or hard to find. People who've been cheated on, in love, the cynic in them would call it overrated or non-existent. They conveniently forget, it did exist... at least from their side.

According to me, love is as simple or as complicated as YOU make it. You really do have the power and control over it... to a certain extent. When I say love now, I guess I mean relationships. But right now, I want to dwell on this topic that has baffled me for ages now. I’m talking about the whole concept and complication of the 'other woman'. Popularly known as the seductress. People love to hate her. But no one knows the real her. It is really her fault all the time? Was there ever any love anyway? Is there love now? If yes, where is the love? Whose fault is it? Who is to blame? Is there just one victim? The way I see it, the typical pattern is…

Man loves woman.

Woman loves man.

Man loves other woman.

Woman hates woman.

It's inevitable. She just chooses to hate the other woman, because it's easier than hating the man she loves. She just takes the easy way out. She refuses to see logically even for a minute. She just wants to defend her man. The same man who actually hurt her. She might discover clues, hints, signals... of things that he's doing which prove he's cheating on her, but no, he is flawless. After all he is the man she loves. This is when love is actually blind.

When after the obvious happenings, god forbid, she does discover he's been unfaithful; she tends to follow the following pattern:

Step One: She tries and thinks of what SHE did wrong.

Step Two: She blames herself.

Step Three: She tried to justify what he did

Step Four: She makes excuses FOR him.

Step Five: She blames the OTHER woman.

Step Six: She concludes that all of it is the temptress’ doing.

Step Seven: She hates her for life.

End of cycle.

Even during so many steps, not once does she 'step' into the other woman's stilettos, and stop to think why another woman would even want to be a third person. Maybe she didn't know about the girlfriend/wife, maybe she did, but the guy told her he didn't love his wife/girlfriend anymore (which is a stupid line to fall for, by the way), or maybe she was told he was ending it soon (Haha.. fat chance!), or just maybe he did tell her about the relationship and she actually told him not to cheat, or to stop what he was doing because it wasn't the right thing, and talked him into going back to his lady, but he still made the choice of his own accord. Ever thought of any of that? After a certain extent, the so-called 'vixen' is obviously going to stop thinking for the man, pursue her feelings and make herself happy. It's his life after all and he made the decision. The way I see it, all 'fault' signs point in the direction leading to the man!

But, women just find it easier to blame it on the bitch who's a stranger. This just gives the men the perfect chance to take advantage of the situation and blame the other woman as well, and behave like, he's always and forever going to be in love with the girlfriend/wife, and he didn't want this third person in the first place. It was all HER... and her strategies, temptation, seduction, brain washing and witchcraft. Convenient exit sign guys. Good job.

So clearly, the woman in the relationship is a victim of lying, cheating, betrayal...infidelity. The other woman is a victim of unnecessary hatred for life, shame and guilt. There's high probability that even after being led on, used and actually falling for the person she thought might very well be the love of her life, she won't even get the man, while the couple lives happily ever after. All of this, for no fault of her own.

As for the man? Is he a victim? Yes he is, he's a victim of guilty pleasure, the adrenaline, the thrill... basically, he's just your average male.

So the way I see it, there are only two victims in the situation. The women. When that obvious fact has been established, shouldn't the women start thinking practically, and dump the goon who had no will power? Isn't it the only thing that makes sense? But instead, they start hating, or worse... competing for the man. Which man? The cheating bastard. Wow. What a shiny trophy that one is. Seriously, how dense do women have to be, not to see it's the man's fault? Haven't they heard Shakira and Beyonce sing about their 'Beautiful Liar'? How much more convincing does one need? It's clear. He doesn't deserve either of them. Do they not know, that irrespective of who gets him, it might not be for too long, until another woman enters the picture? A tiger never changes his stripes.

When is the other woman going to realise, she is going to lose anyway. She probably never DID have him. She fell for him, just like his wife probably did, and is in nearly the same position, for no reason. She should’ve just seen this coming. I know, I know, easier said than done.

More importantly, when is the wife/girlfriend going to come to terms with the fact that it IS in fact, the man to who is to be blamed. It isn't the other woman’s fault. She just fell in love, like everyone normally tends to, everyday, all around the world. She was probably in too deep without knowing any better. She doesn’t want you feeling the way you are. She can feel your pain. This wasn’t what she intended. It’s not just you who didn’t want this. She didn't want this too you know. Ever thought for a second that, for the person you blatantly call the 'other woman', the 'other woman' might be you?

November 05, 2009

Work In 'Progress'

Progress. Funny word. What is it exactly? I have been pondering on this fact since I arrived in the UK. I know the world measures it in several contexts like economic growth, GDP, scientific & technological discoveries, infrastructure etc, but I'm beginning to think progress has a lot to do with the people of the country, their intellect, tolerance, world awareness, mentality and mindset.

I mean, can you really call a nation a progressing/progressed one when the people in it know NOTHING about anything apart from their country? Can you say a country is a super power when most of the people that come from there are super ignorant? Can you be proud of the fact that your country is diverse and caters to all cultures when most of the people are actually really racist? These are signs of progress of one kind, and deterioration of another, and hence the so-called progress is nullified. This is not progress, it's more like work in progress.

Since we're talking about ignorant people, I HAVE to mention some things I heard from people in Manchester. If you think ignorant is bad, try combining it with racist, and voila, you have their DNA. These are some of the random thoughts they had about India as a country, they're quite offensive, but some of them just crack me up, when I think people from a 'progressed' country can be such imbeciles.

- They think India isn't photogenic and there's nothing beautiful there. It's full of slums and dirt. (Thank you Slumdog Millionaire)
- They claim to know a lot of facts & statistics about what India is lacking, and how it's rubbish. (Funny, they also mentioned never setting foot in there)
- One stated that every city in the country he's from is 'clearly', 'obviously', 'surely' better than ANY Indian city. (I repeat, he has never been to India)
- I dropped a one pound coin by mistake, and one person burst out laughing saying "Go on, run for your life, go get it, that's probably worth a million in India."
- I was shown the stupidest comedy clip in the world, and because I didn't find it funny, I was told "You probably didn't get it, because you're Indian."
- One weird person told me that they thought the only time Indians have sex in their lifetime is to reproduce. He finds it hard to imagine that people in India are people, and not animals. That is, we have sex for recreational purposes. (Someone needs to tell him where the Kama Sutra comes from)

"The greatest form of ignorance is rejecting something you know NOTHING about" - H. Jackson Brown

I mean, out of ALL the people I've met, the people who are from the so-called 'third world countries' seem to have travelled way more, seem to have superior knowledge about the globe, know a lot of languages, and know as much about other countries and cultures as their own country. Basically, they are the ones who seem to have a sane non-ignorant brain.

Opposing to that, the people from the 'world leading' countries and super powers seem to know as little as they can possibly about everything around them. When I stated this obvious fact to them, the response received was, "Well, we don't NEED to know about your countries, but you sure as hell need to know about ours. We are the world leaders after all, you know." That, is a progressive mind, from a progressed country talking. We better take notes. We lack in the obnoxious, ignorant and stupid department. We haven't made any 'progress' there yet. We still seem to like being intellectual, informed and non-judgemental. Third world country thoughts. We don't know any better. Silly us.

This just brings me back to thinking, is progress really how we measure it, or does it have more to do with mental progress, or do they both go hand in hand? I mean, surely it doesn't make sense when a country claims it's education system to be amazing, and one of the best in the world, but when the 'bright' students are asked how many states India has, they don't even know it has any. There is something wrong, and I can't quite point it out clearly, but it's disgusting to see people from world leading countries being so backward in their thought process, being so racist and so intolerant. They might have the best education and technology in the world, but someone forgot to teach them about culture, acceptance, diversity, unlearning, open mindedness and just plain old common courtesy! They need to understand their progress doesn't really give them an edge or upper hand. It's not progress, it's make-believe progress. In the words of Sydney J. Harris, it's false progress!

"The greatest enemy of progress is not stagnation, but false progress." - Sydney J Harris

Countries don't mean anything. Borders are just for geographical purposes now. We don't need to learn about certain countries and economies. We need to learn about the world as a whole, and global economy & progress. We need to be aware that progress is much more than just speaking better English and having good infrastructure. We need to be tolerant before we progress, we need to embrace other cultures like they're our own, we need to focus on the positive things about others rather than pick out and point the things that are wrong all the time. We need to take off our horse blinders and use our spherical vision for a change. We really need to stop pushing the snooze button on our alarm clocks and wake up once and for all! We need to make progress and this time hopefully, real progress.

August 31, 2009

21 Things You Might/Might Not Know About Me

- I believe in making a wish at 11.11pm every night.
- I still love Barbie.
- I’m autophobic and aichmophobic.
- I think branded clothes are highly overrated.
- I’m the most logical & practical... except when it comes to myself.
- I’m extremely religious & superstitious.
- I eat almost 2 lunches and 2 dinners everyday.
- I’m closer to my Mom than to any friend of mine.
- I wish I was born a guy...all the time.
- I am a sucker for weddings!
- I still listen to Backstreet Boys :P
- I am a multi-linguist, I know around 7 languages
- My first ever crushes were feline. (Top Cat & Scar from Lion King. Ha ha!)
- I had a pet snake... named Hiss.
- I cry over movies, books, tv series, name it.
- I don’t cry when something happens in REAL life.
- I hate burgers, haven’t eaten one in almost 9 years.
- I would choose a book over a pair of shoes anyday.
- I have an IQ of 138.
- I can belly dance.
- I am an extremist, I can just love or’s either black or white.
- I am addicted to my Playstation 3.

June 26, 2009

The Gloved One

“In a world filled with hate, we must still dare to hope. In a world filled with anger, we must still dare to comfort. In a world filled with despair, we must still dare to dream. And in a world filled with distrust, we must still dare to believe.” - Michael Jackson

This is the first time since I started writing that I am at an actual loss of words, but I can’t not write today. You can't blame me, because my day was one of the worst I've had in months now. Just last night, I had a conversation about Michael Jackson with my mother, and we were reminiscing. I listened to 'Smooth Criminal' and fell asleep with a smile on my face, not knowing he was going to pass in a couple of hours. I woke up to three texts telling me he was no more. I was totally numb while I brought out a to-do list I've made since I learnt how to write and scratched off 'Watch MJ live in concert' off it. That is when it hit me. So, I seek your apologies even before you start reading, if this sounds like rubbish, randomness, rambling or venting out.

My mother was a complete music lover. She bought me my first ever English music CD when I was about 7 years old. Since then, retro music has been the biggest part of my life. Back then when Spice Girls was the ultimate rage, no one understood my love for Billy Joel, Queen and George Michael. At that age, I didn’t expect anyone to.

One morning before going to school, my mother was watching the television while I got dressed and this song was playing. I fell in love with the beat, the voice, the dance... everything. Billie Jean. I saw pavement tiles light up, and it amused me. I asked my mother who the singer was; she told me it was one of the Jackson brothers. As a kid I remember thinking he has magic feet, because whenever he stepped on a floor tile in the video, it lit up. I thought he must be a god of a dancer to be able to light up tiles with his moonwalking. It made me think I wouldn't be a good dancer till I lit up tiles of my own :). That day in 1994, was when I got to know of him. I’ve been an ardent fan & worshipper since then.

I still remember the day I got my first computer. It was in 1996, back when Windows ’95 was ‘the shit’. I was so excited to boot it up. Windows ’95 media player came with this demo video. It had Michael Jackson standing on the crown of Miss Liberty singing ‘Black or White’. As usual, the beats got me. This guy was the same guy I saw in the Billie Jean video, but he looked... uhh white. I instantly fell in love with the lyrics, because it’s one of the issues I feel SO strongly about. This guy made sense. Let me tell you, if you can make ‘sense’ to a 9 year old, make her think about racism and how colour doesn’t matter, you’re a hero.

That very year, he announced his tour dates. India was on schedule. I was the most excited, but did I go watch him? A 9 year old at a concert outside the city is unheard of.

After the early 90’s, he disappeared from the music scene, and I was too busy growing up to really miss his music, to tell you the truth. Teenage years had set upon me, and well, the rap & hip hop phase was to be entered. Oh come on, don’t roll your eyes. Everyone goes through it before realising what utter rubbish it is. I had almost forgotten the sound of Jackson, ALMOST, but on October 30, 2001, I went out and bought myself the newest album, ‘Invincible’. I couldn’t believe he was back. After six long years, his voice floated in my bedroom and it was heaven. Eminem who?

As I got older, I was well aware of the scandals. But, that just never cancelled out the greatness that was him. I watched every interview, every documentary, and I’m one of those souls who refuses to believe anything except the fact that he is the most misunderstood person on the planet. His voice and his dancing is legendary. Hence, he is ALLOWED.

I quote, “And my goal in life is to give to the world what I was lucky to receive: the ecstasy of divine union through my music and my dance. He sure as hell did.

Every event, special moment or incident in my life, is related to an MJ track. Every time a song plays, it takes me back to that respective place, that time, that feeling, that moment, that magic. It truly teleports me, to happy places.

I have just realised how much he really was a part of my day. His songs were an everyday ritual, and hence, I took them for granted. I have seen a lot of family and friends pass away, and I'm not the kind who cries easily. The fact that I cannot stop today, makes me halt and think about how subconciously I did get really affected by his existance. It shocks me.

From being a girl of 9 years, who cried for a week because she was too little to go watch Michael Jackson perform live in India, to a girl of 12 who started practicing her moonwalk and perfected it by 13. From a girl of 18, who while creating her facebook account did not pause before entering ‘Michael Jackson’ in the field ‘Political View’, I transitioned to a girl who was all ready to finally make her dream come true this year and watch his magic come alive. Now, I’m a girl who knows but refuses to believe she’ll never get to see the original moonwalk, the signature gloves, the majestic black hat, the etiquette defying white socks with the black trousers, and hear the spiritual voice floating in a concert arena, ever.

I don't think he’s gone. Nope. He can’t be. Legends don’t die. They JUST DON'T!!

May 30, 2009

21 Questions

I was reading various interview questions asked to famous people (who actually have a platform to voice out their thoughts) over a period of time and I chose some which caught my attention and I would've liked to answer differently. According to me, the interviewed people didn't quite do justice to them. Just random thoughts :)

Here goes something.

1) What do you consider to be the most beautiful thing in the world?
A smile that reaches one's eyes.

2) When do you tell a lie?
When the other person does nothing but.

3) What’s your super power?
Right self-evaluation. It keeps me from thinking I have super powers.

4) What’s your favourite language?

5) What's your take on George Bush?
Sure, I'd LOVE to take on George Bush. The old man wouldn't stand a chance.

6) Which country would feel like home to you?
A country where black, brown and white are just colours on an artist's palette, where the difference between male and female is just the letters 'fe', where guns and bombs are words which are extinct from the Oxford Dictionary, where rich and poor are only used to measure one's sense of humour.. too bad it doesn't exist, and hence, I will never feel at home.

7) Do you listen to others?
I'm sorry, I missed that one, I was talking about myself to me. :P

8) Do you think there is a difference between confidence and arrogance?
Yes I'm confident there is, but I'm too arrogant to say what it is.

9) If you were reincarnated, what would you like to come back as?
Refer question 6). I wouldn't like to come back.

10) Are you a cat or a dog person?
Neither. I'm a snake person. :)

11) What is life?
You roll the dice, you're stuck with the career you land on, you halt and marry, increase a pink/blue token on your car, travel all the yellow squares trying to earn lots of money, until you finally spin the rainbow wheel for the last time and 'retire' with lots of coloured money which has no value in the end.

12) How can we be happy?
By thinking we can be.

13) What is self-help exactly?
If I'd tell you, it would defeat the purpose now, wouldn't it? :P

14) If you were a word, what word would you be?
Trustworthy & Honest. I know you said 'a word', but this is my blog.

15) Why can we not live forever?
Because we spend our lives thinking about how to, and eventually, it kills us.

16) If you could be someone else for a day, who would it be?
A man.

17) Do you constantly dwell on the past?
'Dwell' yes, 'constantly' no.

18) Do you care what others think about you?
I just care about whether I'm being thought about.

19) What will you choose to never wear?
A frown... also, the colour black, flat shoes, bell bottoms & kaftans. :)

20) What can one do to change the world we live in?
Start with the Man In The Mirror...or move to Mars. Both work. ;)

21) Who are you really?
I am really just me, and I choose to keep it that way.

May 08, 2009

Solitary Perception

Ask yourself.

Is the moon as full?
...when no one’s watching it with you.

Is coffee as fulfilling?
...when no one is sitting across you.

Are songs as melodious?
...when you can’t picture a face.

Is a fireplace as warming?
...when no one shares it with you.

Is a flower as sweet smelling,
...when bought by yourself.

Are words as meaningful?
...when written by a stranger.

Is a movie worth watching?
...when you walk out alone.

Is the day as bright?
...when you’re all grey.

Are you really as happy?
...when you’re not with me.